Question of Belief, *world premiere* with Madalina Dan and Manon Parent, April 2021, Sophiensaele Berlin, Videostreaming

The performance will be streamed live from the Sophiensælen on April 10th and 11th. On April 12th and 13th, the recording will be played as a replay at 7 p.m. On the 13th there will be an artist talk via Zoom.

Kareth Schaffer-5

Kareth Schaffer’s Question of Belief proposes a demonology of the contemporary. Inspired by the contemplative practices of the desert monks, dancers Madalina Dan and Manon Parent deftly navigate between actionism and sloth, distraction and apathy, procrastination and compassion fatigue. Demons appear and disappear through the slowly inflating landscape by Dan Lancea. Question of Belief invites an embodied look at those parts of ourselves—and others—that probably should just be ignored, but always seem to crop back up.




Bee Dances, with Ninus, was *online premiered* , 27/28 February 2021, Tanzfabrik Berlin (LIVE Bali premiere at Pesta Kesenian Bali 2021 and Cush Cush Gallery Denpasar tba)

Streaming again @Tanzfabrik – Open Spaces, May 1-4th, 2021

Bee Dances presents the first collaboration by the Indonesian choreographer Ninus and the Berlin-based choreographer Kareth Schaffer. Moving into the digital realm as a livestream at the end of February 2021 for reasons familiar by now, Bee Dances is an embodied exploration of what cultural exchange can mean in postcolonial times. How are different dance techniques inscribed in the bodies of the six dancers—from Indonesia and Europe—and how do flows of physical knowledge spread around the globe? Bee Dances maps the interconnections between contemporary dance as is often performed in Berlin and traditional Indonesian dance techniques, tracing their interrelations through a series of interventions, interviews, reconstructions, and new choreographies.






Emojiland, Kareth with Dan Lancea and students of the Hector-Peterson-Schule, is viewable online at and Youtube

For more on past, current, and upcoming repertory, see Works or Kareth Schaffer’s VIMEO profile.

Photo credits: Bee Dances Mia Stark; Question of Belief Mayra Walraff; Emojiland Açelya Söğüt, Alisa-Thalia Şahin, Tibelya Teber