‘Closer to Us Than We Are to Ourselves’ premieres next weekend!

INZUCHT FESTIVAL 2013 at Uferstudios, Uferstraße 23 Berlin

STUDIO 11 |  19th April at 21.00 | 20th April at 21.00


Closer to Us Than We Are to Ourselves

gaze proximity and sharing breath

refraction reflection

manifestations of complicity

our bodily and spatial forms are leaky

seeping subtexts and connotations

undercurrents of the sensuous may flow away from what the image tells us to experience

we are converging drifting diving racing chasing hiding seeking

what we look at is often more about what we are choosing not to see

we turn you into the the axis of the space and rotate the room around you

we tie you up in a web and rip it off with tremors

we make you miss us

we make you look away from us

we make you look closer

we count again we share again we search again we fail again we try again we breathe again we never doubt



Choreography  Kareth Schaffer

Dance  Anna Lena Lehr, Tabea Maygar, Iva Radic, Verena Sepp

Developed with  Julek Kreutzer

Mentor  Kat Valastur

Thanks to: Martin, Claudia, Cathy, Igor, Britta, Heike, Marius

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