Acker’Festival Berlin this Friday and Saturday! Writing pledges AND wearing masks!

Wowwww, this weekend promises cold weather but hot art at the Acker’Festival Berlin

…and I’m involved with two of the events.

First off, the absolutely charming Wearing Masks, conceived by Kyla Avery Kegler but directed (as Ms. Kegler is doing her thang in Buffalo, NY this summer!) by moi:

Wearing Masks

It is going to be really beautiful. The masks are great, the performers even more so: Eva Maria Bakardjiev, Rob Gordon, Boryana Ivanova, Tarren Johnson ….and Kareth Schaffer! Showtime is 18.00 on Saturday, September 21st. Tickets are 6 euros, you can reserve at

Also, all weekend Julek Kreutzer and I will be hosting a ‘Write Your Pledge’ corner at the festival. We will be around to help people write their very own pledges, facilitate conversations about working conditions in the contemporary performing arts scene, and generally lend our political expertise to what promises to be a great weekend. Discussion rounds start on Friday at 14.00!

(By the way, we have a logo now, courtesy of Désirée Meul):


…yeah! All pledges written at Acker Festival will be stamped with our fancypants Artist’s Pledge Stamp. Now if that’s not motivation…!

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