Cassandra Has Turned 1 (2017)

Photo courtesy Lena Mody. “Cassandra Has Turned 1” with Ilya Noé, Kareth Schaffer and Lisa Vereertbrugghen.

A spontaneous creation of prophecies.

Let us awaken Cassandra, ancient prophetess of uncomfortable truths. Dust her off, turn her around, hold her up to the light: let us find within her a living archive of potential futures, alternative pasts, major and minor catastrophes, and multiverse utopias. The constant stream of multilingual prophecy – spoken, sung, chanted, danced – washes the dust off of truth and lies, myths and legends, rhetorical gestures and interminable choreographies. A trio of oracles moves through time in the same way that the audience moves through space. CASSANDRA HAS TURNED 1 is a performative installation: during its premiere on 5 November, 2018, all prophecies were audio-recorded: the prophecies formed the basis for the libretto of CASSANDRA HAS TURNED 2.

Concept, choreography: Kareth Schaffer | Performance: Ilya Noé, Kareth Schaffer, Lisa Vereertbrugghen | Music: Alessio Castellacci | Costume: Lena Mody | A production by Kareth Schaffer, with the friendly support of Tanzfabrik Berlin