Cassandra Has Turned 2 (2018)

Cassandra Has Turned 2 (2018) is a dance opera dedicated to the tragic Greek prophetess Cassandra, princess of Troy. Cassandra has a gift: she can see the future, but she is also cursed in that no one believes what she sees there. She foresees Troy’s immanent destruction: the people laugh and lock her into a white room of the palace. There she may move back and forwards through time as we move to and fro through space: unseeing prophetess of a future no one wants to hear. She executes her duties as princess and priestess, imprisoned with her impending doom but dreaming of alternate scenarios. The three Cassandras on stage perform stylized interpretations of the spontaneous prophecies of the performative installation Cassandra Has Turned 1 (2017), their actions becoming a living archive of potential futures, alternative pasts, larger and smaller catastrophes, and multiverse utopias.

Artistic direction, choreography: Kareth Schaffer |Performance, choreography: Manon Parent, Lisa Vereertbrugghen, Cathy Walsh | Light design: Joseph Wegemann | Sound design, Composition: Alessio Castellacci | Voice coaching, composition: Jara Holdert | Stage, costumes | Lena Mody | Assistance stage, costumes: Olga Sonja Thorarensen |Intern stage, costums, social media: Flora Nacer | Technical direction: Michele Piazzi | Company Management: M.i.C.A. – Movement in Contemporary Art / Cilgia Gadola | Intern management: Sofia Fantuzzi | Photos: Gerhard Ludwig

The libretto of Cassandra has Turned 2 is based on the spontaneous speech acts produced in Cassandra has Turned 1 (2017) by prophetesses Ilya Noé, Kareth Schaffer, and Lisa Vereertbrugghen

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