Dirty Money Mudwrestling (2015)


photo courtesy André Lewski



Two years after its infamous debut, the mudwrestling tournament that took the contemporary dance world by storm is coming to Kampnagel Hamburg. As part Stefanie Wenner’s DRECK: Ein Apparat, the performative mudwrestling tournament Dirty Money Mudwrestling explores slightly soiled truths about the relationship between dirt, money, and the performing arts. Infallible referee Kareth Kracken’ Bonez is currently looking for (non-)performers of all backgrounds who a) would like to get down and dirty as contestants in a real, honest-to-gosh mudwrestling tournament; and b) have a tremendous urge to WIN a PRIZE.  We are also looking for people good at math to help with other aspects of the event.

Ah-ha. I’m listening. When will it be?
Dirty Money Mudwrestling will take place on the evening of 28th February 2016 at Kampnagel P1. It is part of DRECK on Tour, an artistic project laboratory curated by Stefanie Wenner with participating artists Simone Aughterlony, Bettina Vismann, Quast&Knoblich, cobratheater cobra, Liz Rosenfeld, Colin Hacklander, and Farahnaz Hatam.
Wow! I have time then, and I like to wrestle! You mentioned a “PRIZE.” Specify the prize.
As the name suggests, Dirty Money Mudwrestling offers a cash prize to the winner of the tournament to a guaranteed amount of more than 200 euros. The actual amount of the prize will become known only over the course of the evening, as it will for a large extent be generated by the spectators through a process known as betting Participative Crowd-Funding. It’s a gamble, to be sure…OMG. I want nothing better than to quash my competition in a mudpit. Sign me UP!
Great! TO COMPETE, please send a short email by 26 January 2016 to dirtymoneymudwrestling@gmail.com with the following:
– Your real name, WRESTLING NAME, weight and height in cm/kg (before you claim size-ist: it’s a very real mudwrestling tournament, and we’d prefer no one gets injured.);
– a Very Short Introduction to who you are and why you’d like to participate;
– Your availability on the 27th and 28th of February: we will meet on the afternoon of the 27th and the event starts at 20.00 on January 28th.A total of 12 contestants will be chosen according to the complex algorithms devised by that lady of immaculate style and dirty mind, Kareth Kracken’ Bonez. She looks forward to hearing from you!