Mudwrestling for Meg (2012)

Emotions ran high when it was announced that the BA workshop with Meg Stuart would have a limited amount of places. The student body of HZT Berlin suffered through numerous attempts at discussion, Group Consensus Agreement, and lotteries to decide who would be among the happy few. It all ended in tears and accusations: who cares about democratic ideals when it is about proving who really deserves a Meg Stuart workshop? Who has what it takes, the stamina, the intensity, the brute strength?

There was only one way to find out: the down-and-dirty way, the rawest way contemporary dance has to offer…mudwrestling.
HZT Berlin dance students.
Scantily clad.
In the mud.

And this time, it’s about something.

Photos courtesy of André Lewski.
Video edited by Diethild Meier

Conceived and hosted by : Kareth Crackin’ Bonez
Contenders: Didi Dirty Dance Maker and Pero no Mucho, Cinira Sexy and Bad Teacher, Object of Desire and Munchie Mamma, Anna Bolika and Tiger Lee, Irregular Rectangle and Lucifer, Jungle Joe and Killah Babe

All right, you smutlovers! The infamous Youtube video is here.

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