Everyday Dances (2012)

Eric Satie coined the term “furniture music” to describe music intended to be played as a backdrop to some other event, an accompaniment to life and not the center of a performance. Admittedly, this idea is hardly innovative in a world where music is everywhere–but what about dance? How can movement be inserted into the everyday, not as a performance but as a “backdrop” to daily life? The dance below are simple scores intended to be performed as one goes about one’s daily activites–everyday dances.

Of course, anyone is welcome to try them out and let me know how they worked out…

The Coffee Dance
coffeedance coffeedancedescription1

The Computer Dance
computerdance computerdancedescription

The Telephone Dance
telephonedance telephonedancedescription

There are a total of six everyday dances. Thanks to Vincent Dunoyer for introducing me to the idea of furniture music.