Grant Applications (2013-2015)

On this page I am publishing some of the grant applications I’ve written during the past three years. For the moment I’m only including proposals that were accepted for projects that have been completed (after a fashion), simply because if I were to include all the rejected proposals as well it would be a really, really long post. I am posting this to encourage both artists and funding bodies to be more transparent and generous in sharing criteria and know-how: perhaps they can serve as both good and bad examples. I don’t think knowing how to write applications is the most important part of being a dance artist, (oh God, no!), but it can’t hurt.

Application Tanztage “An Animal Went Out” (2016)

Application Tanzrecherche NRW #15 (2014)

Project Description Einstiegsförderung (2014)

Application Tanztage “As Easy As 1, 2, 3” (2014)

Application Sacre 100 (2013)